The Things You Need to Know

The Things You Need to Know

The face powder forms your foundation and prevents your skin from becoming too fat or shiny. Plus, it makes your face smoother and helps minimize minor imperfections.
Put it on the right: Ruiz prefers to put a powder puff on a powder brush. He bends it like a taco, tapping the excess water and pressing it and rolling it into the skin. “This is how you created your foundation without leaving any residue,” says Ruiz. If you prefer creamy red or highlighter, apply it before applying the powder. Otherwise, you risk blushing the “pill”.

To stay upright all day, mix a little eyeshadow primer such as Bare Minerals Prime Time Eye Primer ($ 18, on your lid. For even more endurance, opt for a creamy hue on a powder. When choosing colors, keep in mind that dark shades (best for wrinkles) and bright colors make things better (best for the lid and the eye cavity).
Put it on the right: Mix a cream formula with your finger and make sure the color becomes diffuse when you reach the outer edges of your eyes. When using a powder, be sure to use a brush and not the applicator sponge. Start in the middle of the lid and brush the paint left then right. “You want the color to focus in the middle and then disappear,” says Ruiz. Then start mixing a lighter color so you do not see a beginning or an end.

“The lining can increase the volume of your lashes,” explains Ruiz, who prefers charcoal cakes or charcoal cakes. Avoid the cat look and other high-graphic looks for each day.
Put it on the right: align the line of the upper lashes by aiming at the roots of the eyelashes. Apply it and scramble it with a brush to scramble the line. Whatever you do, do not draw the waterline (the inside of your eye); it can cause an eye infection. (Learn more 10 tips Pro Eyeliner to enhance your look.)

Curl your eyelashes first and do it in three phases: first the base, then the center of the eyelashes. Finish the small lashes from the outside. “These little lashes are unsung heroes and can really make your eyes,” says Ruiz. Change your mascara every three months so that it is fresh and your eyelashes do not look dry and lumpy.
Put it well: opt for one or two layers. Start at the base of your eyelashes and stir the rod a little by pulling it through the lashes. Use a slight circular motion on the baby’s eyelashes. Then wipe the wand and barely touch the lower lashes.

Blush makes your complexion vibrant and vibrant. It’s not difficult to get dressed; The secret is not to overdo it. “Be careful when applying the paint,” says Ruiz. “It’s easy to add more, but it’s harder to try to pick it up when it’s on.”
Do it right: No matter what you see on your friends’ Instagram photos, do not go to the old school and do not smear the red cheekbones, use them as an outline device. Apply powder only to the apple of the cheek to make it look like a color. If you need more color, opt for Creme Wangenrouge or a cheek stick, which you can even layer over the red powder.

Lip color is a great way to express yourself, so be adventurous with it. “Wear any color you want – naked, red, plum, fire,” says Ruiz. “Life is too short – it’s just lipstick.”
Put it in the right direction: doubling and then filling the lips with a pen can help your lipstick. “But it’s a personal choice that you can safely ignore,” says Ruiz. If you apply lipstick, use a brush, dab something in the middle of the lower lip, then roll your lips together to distribute them more at the outer edges.

For a shiny look, add a touch of shine or vaseline about Apply, buttercup-you’re ready to settle the day! (Now, learn how to make the color of your lips last with how to save your lipstick from fading.)

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