About Me

jaredMy name is Jared and I am admittedly sports-obsessed. I started out playing pewee football and little league like most small-town kids, but my interests in sports exploded when we moved and the high school I went to had tons of sports options. My mind was just blown. Obviously, I had to narrow it down and go for the things I was good at, so I stuck with football and baseball. However, every weekend my bros from the tennis team would show me the ropes and I learned some serious skills under their tutelage.

Sports are pretty much my life and I’ve really expanded my areas of interested. Lately, I’ve become paintball-obsessed. My girlfriend and I go every weekend with my brother and his family and let loose and just have a good time. To me, sports are more than just a thing to be good or excel at. It’s my career and my lifestyle.

Now, I’m a football coach and part-time tennis instructor. I like teaching. I’m kind of a jack-of-all trades when it comes to athletics, so I was never going to go pro. But I do know the fundamentals and more and sports mentoring really is my calling in life. I’m always happy to give training tips or just talk about the latest game.